Cakes can be in the flavour of your choice. For example, vanilla, chocolate, marble (mix of vanila, pink vanila and chocolate), lemon, banana, carrot, fruit or ginger to name a few.

If you prefer, you can provide your own base cake for me to decorate.

Here are some photographs of the cakes I have made for some ideas and to see what I can do for you.

Butterfly Vanilla Sponge    Ice Skate    Poodle Cake 

Homer     Chocholate Volcano    Tweenie Cake

White Chocolate covered, Malteser Chocolate Cake    Laydy Bug Cake    Mermaid Cake

Chocolate Flower    Chocolate with Chocolate Icing Flowers   Poo Bear Cake

Chocolate with Home Made Truffles    Monsters Inc   Barbie Doll Cake

Jubilee Cake   Flower Cup Cakes   Frosty Cup Cakes

Hockey Cake and Bumble Bee Cup Cakes        

Minnie Mouse Cake   Cat Cake   Flower Arrangement Cake

Golf Tee Cake   Rose Pillow Cake   Rose Bowl Cake

Butterfly Gluten Free   Sponge Bob Cake